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Useful Information

?Au pair? means ?on equal terms?.

Visas and Entry Requirements

Read about the changes to UK Immigration that took place from November 2008 - The Youth Mobility Scheme

It is very important that a family accepts an au pair who is entitled to enter the UK as an au pair. To confirm which countries are eligible for entry as au pairs to the UK please visit


Pocket Money Guide

The weekly payment to an au pair is negotiable between the family and au pair. As a general guide pay starts at around ?65 to ?70 per week for 25 hours plus maybe two evenings babysitting. Full board and lodging will be included and the au pair should have two days off with no work except perhaps a babysit in the evening. More hours and/or more responsibilities over and above light housework and assisting with childcare (e.g. sole-charge situations) will usually mean more money. For more information about employment rules please see About Au Pairs & Nannies

Au pairs normally pay for their travel to and from the host family at the start and end of the placement. Normally a family will collect the au pair from the airport or main station. Au pairs usually pay for the costs of language school lessons (if any) and the cost of commuting to and from these.

Young children

If the au pair is to have sole charge of a young child or baby, then it is important that this is detailed on the family membership form, and that the au pair has appropriate childcare skills.


First Aid

Please remember that au pairs are not qualified child carers and may not necessarily have a First Aid certificate or experience. If you feel that you would like your au pair to have further knowledge about First Aid please refer to these sites: ,, Train Aid and

Train Aid provides the 12 Hour Paediatric First Aid Course for childcare workers and shorter courses for parents / guardians. They believe in keeping the training as practically orientated as possible and have already had several lives saved since the courses started running. They also aim to deliver the training in an easy to understand format, to help those who do not consider English to be their first language. The courses enable candidates to learn the skills that could quite literally save a childs life. Please see Paediatric First Aid for more information.

Safe and Sound is a dedicated paediatric first aid company running scheduled courses in venues across Greater London and in private homes. They currently work with families and child care agencies, the government agency SureStart and Local Authorities, GP Practices and Health Centres, The National Childbirth Trust, Schools and Nurseries. All courses comply with both British and European Resuscitation guidelines and satisfy the course content requirements set by Nestor, the approval body for the Childcare Approval Scheme. The trainers are all medical professionals, working primarily in accident and emergency departments. Their experience means that they can confidently respond to questions and anxieties which may arise.

Safe and Sound will offer any au pair or family member a 10% discount when registering on a course if you mention that you found them via Universal Au Pairs.

Email: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

Police registration

An au pair?s passport will be stamped upon arrival in the UK if he/she needs to register with the police. This is a legal requirement and must be adhered to within 7 days of the au pair?s arrival.


It is not a legal requirement for au pairs to arrive with or maintain any insurance. Please consult a professional insurance advisor for further information regarding steps you might consider taking in relation to cars, property, belongings, liabilities, etc.


For medical and dental treatment, please contact your own doctor and dentist. It is advisable to register the au pair with these practices upon arrival in the UK. Useful information explaining the rights of visitors wishing to use the NHS can be found at



Visitors to the UK who hold a valid driving licence issued in an EEA country are able to drive in the UK. The appropriate full entitlement for the vehicle to be driven must be shown on the licence. Please see for more information. Valid insurance is a legal requirement. Please also see our page Au Pair Driving Assessement.

Language Classes

An au pair will usually pay for their own language classes. Please ask local schools/colleges for details of suitable English Language courses. You can usually find these via your local authority web site. A list of UK local authorities and their contact details can be found at

To find a language course near to you:
Go to
Here you will find a link to English for Speakers of other Languages (ESOL), and from here you can follow the links to find a course.
Use the search facility on the Course Search Page by looking for ESOL near your town or post code.

For those in the London area you may like to visit If you mention 'Universal Au Pairs', the course registration fee will be waived.


Located in Bishop's Stortford, on the border between Hertfordshire and Essex, EuroMondiale wants to give the greatest opportunity for people to learn quickly, so we keep our classes small ? maximum 8 people. This way the student will get the best combination of lots of personal attention from our sympathetic, fluent teachers and the fun of learning together. Our tutors are highly skilled and experienced in teaching people of all abilities and ages.

For English, each class costs ?17 and lasts one hour and a half every week.
We have four different levels : Elementary, Lower intermediate, Intermediate, Upper intermediate.

Telephone: +44 (0) 1279 504429; Email: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it ;


Au pairs will usually pay for their own travel to and from the UK placement. In the case of holidays or longer trips, the following sites may be useful: