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Terms and Conditions

Universal Au Pairs Terms and Conditions


1. Definitions

1.1. The following definitions shall apply:

1.1.1. Family ? an individual or group sharing living accommodation on a full time basis.

1.1.2. Au Pair ? a person who wishes to live with a Family and help with childcare and/or light domestic duties in return for full board and lodging and pocket money.

1.1.3. Nanny ? a person who wishes to work for a Family and help with childcare in return for a salary and possibly other benefits such as accommodation.

1.1.4. Housekeeper ? a person who wishes to work for a Family and help with domestic duties in return for a salary and possibly other benefits such as accommodation.

1.1.5. Babysitter ? a person who wishes to assist a Family with childcare for a short period (typically a few hours), in return for payment.

1.1.6. Applicant ? an Au Pair, Nanny, Housekeeper, and/or Babysitter who registers with Universal Au Pairs as a Member.

1.1.7. Agent ? any entity including nanny agencies, au pair agencies, and/or baby sitting agencies, that sources nannies, au pairs, housekeepers, babysitters, or similar for third parties or Families.

1.1.8. Membership ? the status optionally granted by Universal Au Pairs to Families, Applicants, and Agents allowing them to share contact details and other information via the Universal Au Pairs web site The current membership fees and the membership duration are detailed on the website.

2. Universal Au Pairs

2.1. will hold information about Families, Agents, and Applicants on its database;

2.2. will make Family, Agent, and Applicant details available to interested parties looking for a Family, Agent, or Applicant. This is the primary purpose of Universal Au Pairs. Universal Au Pairs is not an Agent and is unable to provide help, support, or advice in individual cases, or to provide a managed matching service for Families, Agents, or Applicants;

2.3. will charge a Membership fee to Families, Agents, and Applicants who wish to search for a Family, Agent or Applicant;

2.4. will publish the current Membership fees and Membership duration on, these fees and duration may be varied by Universal Au Pairs at any time for new members;

2.5. will accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever in any connection with a Family or Agent seeking and inviting an Applicant or an Applicant seeking and finding an Agent or Family. Families, Agents, and Applicants should satisfy themselves fully that the placement is suitable and that the participants are genuine. Families and Applicants are advised to take further specialist advice regarding the protection of their property during a placement;

2.6. takes no responsibility and accepts no liability for the accuracy, quality, quantity or relevance of any information provided by Families, Agents or Applicants in general, nor for the suitability of any specific Family, Agent or Applicant. The use of the terms Au Pair, Nanny, Housekeeper, Babysitter, Family, and Agent are for convenience only and do not convey any meaning of recommendation or approval. The use of the term Au Pair does not mean that the Au Pair Member is able to travel to or remain in the country of residence of the Family and appropriate advice should be sought by the Family and Au Pair regarding visa, work permit, police registration, taxation, worker registration, and national insurance;

2.7. will use the information provided by Families, Agents and Applicants in statistical analysis to further the business objectives of Universal Au Pairs. The results of this analysis may be published at the discretion of Universal Au Pairs;

2.8. will keep the personal contact details of Families and Applicants secure and will only publish these details to what it believes are bona fide Family, Agent and Applicant members. Universal Au Pairs is unable to guarantee the prevention of third parties becoming members and utilising the contact details;

2.9. will publish relevant articles and material in the web site, and update this from time to time. Universal Au Pairs takes no responsibility for any consequences of reliance upon the advice published on this website, which is published in all good faith;

2.10. will refund in full any membership fee paid where no Membership access has been carried out within a period of 14 days from the commencement of Membership. All refunds will be by the same method as the original payment. All refunds are made at the sole discretion of Universal Au Pairs. Once the service has been used to search for Applicant, Agent or Family details no refunds will be made;

2.11. Gives no warrant or guarantee as to the availability of the website during the Membership period where disruption is caused by matters outside of the control of Universal Au Pairs.

2.12. reserves the right to decline any particular Membership submission without reason.

3. By agreeing to these terms and conditions Families, Agents and Applicants

3.1. confirm that the information submitted via the Universal Au Pairs Membership form is accurate and complete and undertake to update the information where changes occur within a reasonable time;

3.2. confirm that they meet the definition of Family, Agent or Applicant and have completed the appropriate Membership form in full. Agents will complete only Sections A1, A2, A4, A5, A6, A7, A10, and Section F of the Membership Form, and will make clear the fact they are an Agent and briefly describe the service they are offering;

3.3. agree to pay the Membership fee for the current published term. Membership will be granted and will commence as soon as payment has been validated by the payment process. Payment may be made by the following credit or debit cards: Eurocard MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro, Solo, or PayPal and the transaction will be in ? sterling;

3.4. agree that the Membership details may be deleted, edited, amended, blocked, or adjusted at any time by Universal Au Pairs where there is reasonable cause such as the submission of offensive or inflammatory material either written or pictorial, or where Universal Au Pairs has reason to believe that the Member has not made full disclosure of all relevant facts or where these terms and conditions are not complied with in full. Agents must declare themselves clearly as such on the Membership form, and in all communication with Applicants. Editorial decisions are at the sole discretion of Universal Au Pairs and no correspondence will be entered in to or refunds made;

3.5. agree that contact details will only be submitted in the appropriate sections of the Membership form. No contact email addresses or telephone numbers should be placed in any section of the membership form not specifically designed for this information. Deviation from this may result in the immediate editing of the membership form by Universal Au Pairs, or deletion or blocking of the Membership form and cancellation of Membership with no refund;

3.6. agree to keep passwords confidential and not to share Membership access with any third party.

3.7. agree to their contact details being published on the web site, and hold harmless Universal Au Pairs in regard to the consequences of any contact or relationship in which this site may have played a part. Particularly your attention is drawn to the likelihood that you may receive emails or contacts purporting to be from Families, Agents or Applicants, but which are from persons whose motive it is to extract money from you in a fraudulent, dishonest, or disingenuous manner. Your attention is drawn to the information published at Becoming an Au Pair, and Fraud.

3.8. agree that all communication made using the Universal Au Pairs website, blog and forum will be monitored by Universal au Pairs, and that Universal Au Pairs may use the communication, information and data generated through these media for any purpose it deems appropriate.

4. Agents

4.1. agree to pay the current Agent Membership fee as detailed at For Agents

4.2. will provide services free of charge to Applicants and will not make any charges to Applicants whatsoever. For the avoidance of doubt Agents will charge their own customers for services provided, but will not charge the Applicant;

4.3. will undertake their own references and checks as to the suitability of the Applicants for any position. Universal Au Pairs accepts no liability where an Applicant provides inaccurate or misleading information, or is unsuitable for a position offered via the Agent;

4.4. will at all times treat Applicants with courtesy and respect and will make all efforts to ensure that Applicants are given full and relevant details about any position offered via the Agent. The Agent will provide the Applicant with a fully managed matching service including help, support, and advice in selecting and fulfilling a position arranged via the Agent. The Agent accepts full responsibility for the placing of the Applicant and holds harmless Universal Au Pairs against any eventuality;

4.5. will ensure that Applicants are aware of and agree to the Agents terms and conditions of business. These terms must make clear the services offered to the Applicant by the Agent;

4.6. will not present themselves as in any way approved or endorsed by Universal Au Pairs, and will not use the Universal Au Pairs name or logo without express written permission of Universal Au Pairs.

5. Data Protection

5.1. Universal Au Pairs will publish information on its web site and will actively encourage Members to make contact with each other. Members are free to publish, edit, or remove their details at any time.

5.2. Universal Au Pairs will not provide personal contact details to any third party for marketing purposes, but may contact Members from time to time with offers.

5.3. Universal Au Pairs will use personal details to communicate with Members about their Membership and may canvass opinion by email or telephone as to the experience Members have had using the site in order to help us to improve the service we offer. Unless a Member asks us not to we will also periodically send individual Members an email advising as to our latest services.

5.4. If at any time a Member wishes to have their record removed completely from our database, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it , including full contact details in order that we ensure that we remove the correct record.

6. General

6.1 These terms and conditions are subject to the laws of England.

6.2 You can contact us as follows:
Philip Lodge trading as Universal Au Pairs, Dentdale Flat 5, The Maltings, Waterside, Langthorpe, York, North Yorkshire YO51 9GY United Kingdom. Telephone +44 (0) 7831 453499 or +44 (0) 1423 609090.