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A31984 29/05/2017 Immediately French Female No Yes
A17270 18/10/2009 Immediately French Female No No

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Member ID: A31984  Nationality: French  
Looking For Position: Au Pair  Other Position:  
Live In Position: Yes  Live Out Position:  
Country: Not Selected  Town: Avignon 
Date of Birth: 09/1997 (Age 20) County: Le pontet 
Height: 152  Weight: 45 
Status: Single  Religion: none 
Last Login: 29/05/2017 Member Since: 29/05/2017
Preferred Start: 10/08/2017 Length Of Stay: 10 Months
Preferred Countries: Ireland, United Kingdom  Preferred Location: City, Town 
Child Ages Preferred: 2-5, 5-10, Older  Child Experience: 2-5, Older 
First Aid Certificate: No  Childcare Certificate: Yes - I did an internship in a creche (0 to 3 years old)  

Dear Family Letter
Dear Family,

My name is Lucie and I'm french !
I live in Toulouse due to my studies but my parents live in Avignon (South of France).
I'm 19 years old and turning 20 in september.

I'm a student in anthropology and archeology but i would like to be an aupair in order to change and to work (later) with Young children in a pre-shcool. Before that i want to improve my English and also to visit & discover a new country with its culture.. .

I have done an internship in a creche with Young children from 1 years old to 3 years old.
And i also help my little brother of 17 years old with its homework because he has a little of disability since we are in middle school. So I'm very patient, and always keen to find a way to make him work ^^.

I'm interested in sports as road bike (tour de france) and martial arts.
But I also really enjoy reading, going out to visit monuments or museums.

I also have an interest in Japan, first when i was younger with anime and mangas and now more with landscape, monuments, history and food but i'm still watching One Piece anime ^^

I grew up in a family of 4, both of my parents and my little brother.
My father is retired now but he worked in the town hall in the "green area" like taking away branch of tree and leaves : keeping the street clean.
And my mother is working at the town hall as an employee, she is going to be promute as the "section head" and have more work.
My brother is going to have is exam, baccalureat in electronic and digital. He is also a black belt in Judo.

Also, since I live alone in a flat due to my studies I know how to iron and other housework if you need some help.
I also cook, and because i have a farmer's family background (my uncle and aunt) i really enjoy vegetables and fruits but also all kinds of food.
My mother is also in the "bio but good" way. And i like that, but i don't mind a pizza or a burger with fries sometimes :)

I have a baccalaureat in litterature and a driving licence (1 year and a half: January 2016)

If you are interested, it will be my very first experience as an aupair.

Kinds regards.

Lucie :)

Criminal Record: No  Police Check Available: No 
Visa And/Or Permit: Yes  Insurance: Yes 
Medical Certificate: Yes  Interested In A Placement As A Couple: No 
Attend Language Classes: No  Pay For The Lessons: No 
Will You Practice Your Religion: No  Will Consider Family Not From Host Country: Yes 
In The UK Now: No 
Countries Lived In: France 
Languages Spoken: French: fluent
English: good
Italien: little/basic  
Been An Au Pair/Nanny etc Before: No 
Currently Employed: No 
Hobbies And Interests: I like reading, drawing. I enjoy going out and visit monuments, mus?ums or just enjoy the view and walk around.
I like board games such as puzzles, Monopoly.. But I'm a great sportive, I'm open to every sports, I did some Judo, a?kido, dance when I was younger. And 3 years ago I stopped doing road bike because the club closed but I did it for 5 years.  
Reasons For Becoming An Au Pair/Nanny etc: I'm a curious girl who like visiting monuments and I really want to discover an another culture.
I also plan to work with children later so speaking a good English is a good point but also have an experience with them is better. Since I'm very patient, funny, but still know when to be serious I would like to visit this country and be an aupair.  
Do You Smoke: No  How Many Per Day:
Will Not Smoke In House Or In Front Of Children: No 
Prepared To Live With A Family Who Smoke: Yes 
Any Dietary Requirements: I don't like bananas, leek and eggs but still i'm eating quite everything.  
Have Any Allergies: I have none.   Any Physical Conditions:  
Regularly Take Medication: No 
Have Pets At Home: No  Pet Allergy Or Phobia: No 
Prepared to Care For Pets: Yes 
Driving Licence: Yes  Will Drive: Yes 
Period Licence Held: 1 year and a half   Regularly Do You Drive: every day
International Drive Permit: No  Regular Driver: Motorway, City or Town, Countryside 
Give Details Of Any Car Accidents: None  
Duties You Are Prepared To Undertake: Cook, Laundry, Pets 
Prepared To Look After Child With Disabilities: No 
Father's Occupation: retired 
Mother's Occupation: town hall employee 
Brother's And Sister's Ages And Occupations: I have a little brother of 17 years old and still in school