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Au Pair ID Last Login Start Date Nationality Gender Smoker Driver
A30562 10/07/2014 15/10/2014 Czech Female No Yes
A29406 09/07/2014 10/09/2014 Spanish Female No No
A30590 09/07/2014 30/07/2014 Bulgarian Female No
A30605 09/07/2014 24/08/2014 Spanish Female Yes Yes
A28438 08/07/2014 Immediately Spanish Female No No
A29336 08/07/2014 Immediately Spanish Female No Yes
A30593 08/07/2014 06/09/2014 Hungarian Female No Yes
A30599 08/07/2014 08/08/2014 Icelandic Female Yes Yes
A30478 07/07/2014 Immediately British Female No No
A25552 06/07/2014 11/08/2014 Italian Female No Yes

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Member ID: A30562  Nationality: Czech  
Looking For Position: Au Pair, Nanny, Housekeeper  Other Position: gardener / house or pet sitter / farm helper 
Live In Position: Yes  Live Out Position:  
Country: Czech Republic  Town: Buchlovice 
Date of Birth: 04/1989 (Age 25) County: Moravia 
Height: 160  Weight: 50 
Status: Single  Religion:  
Last Login: 10/07/2014 Member Since: 28/06/2014
Preferred Start: 15/10/2014 Length Of Stay: 6 Months
Preferred Countries: United Kingdom  Preferred Location: City 
Child Ages Preferred: 0-2, 5-10, Older  Child Experience: 0-2, 2-5, 5-10, Older 
First Aid Certificate: No  Childcare Certificate: No 

Dear Family Letter
I'm young Czech (female, 25). I work as a London guide and I need to improve my knowledge of this region. I'm looking for a live-in position, preferably part time and temporary (maybe half a year). I can do many types of work (please read below).
I have also a partner (28) who would like to find a proper job for himself in the UK (as he is a specialist in his field - nanotechnology, physics-optics, clean room environment -, but needs to improve his English a bit to get proper job in the UK). So I'm currently looking for some job for me and accommodation where we both can live (possibly if you have some studio/cottage or at least double bedroom to offer - but self-contained accommodation is preferred). He could offer some work in exchange of accommodation (please read below, he's also capable to do many types of work) or we can pay you at least the bills which will be obviously higher when two people would live in your property instead of one you were looking for.

So if you are looking for a female helper and offer accommodation suitable for two people, please read more about us and what we can offer to you:

Even if you are looking for one person to do the job you need, please consider, if you could offer accommodation for both of us. My partner can easily find at least some part-time job in the nearest area before he will find what he is looking for. We want to realize this temporary relocation because it would be easier for him to find job locally, not remotely from the Czech Republic.

We are also financially semi-independent, because we are also private tutors - maths and physics (and can continue with our current student in distance learning - we need internet connection or at least possibility to set up some), so we can fill up the rest of our work time independently. That's why we don't need full-time job for anyone of us (but we can do more hours, if required).

In short:
We are young Czech couple (25 and 28). We both are professionals in science (university graduated) and we are currently living and working in the Czech Republic. She would like to find a (temporary) part time live-in job (AU PAIR / NANNY / HOUSEKEEPER / GARDENER / HOUSE OR PET SITTER / FARM HELPER / or maybe something else - she is flexible) in or around London. He would like to spend some time with her in the UK cause of better chances to find a proper job for him (and improve his English in the meantime). As we said, he could offer some work for the accommodation, or we can pay you at least the bills.

She (Veronika, 25):
I'm a private maths tutor (since 2006) and a London guide (for Czech customers). I'm self-employed and I'm more than happy to continue in the UK on self-employed basis.
I've been as an AU PAIR in Scotland a few years ago (three children - B0, G2 and G4 - and three dogs in the household). I have years of experience with my neighbour's children and with my nephews. So I'm able to take care of children (newborns, toddlers, school aged children and teenagers too) without supervising and cover all usual situations and duties around them. Because of my tutoring practice, I can be very helpful with running school duties, homework, etc. That's why I prefer school aged children, if there is a requirement to help with children. (I also enjoy newborns, this is the other age group I prefer to work with.)
But I can work in the environment without children at all - read more:
I've run my own household since my university studies. This means usual household duties (cleaning, laundry, ironing, tidying, dusting, hoovering / mopping the floor, all work around kitchen including cooking - but not on professional level, also running errands, shopping and more). I also live many years in the rural area, I helped my parents in the garden, I enjoyed those kind of work - building shelters (for dog, rabbits, birds), digging pits before we planted trees in them, painting and repairing fences, even cutting fire wood, but most of the time it was just collecting the wood in to the piles, also cutting grass, planting, weeding, than cleaning car and many more. So I'm able to do both HOUSEKEEPING and a lot of GARDENING work.
We have had a lot of ANIMALS, usually pets (mostly cats, dog, rabbits), but I also helped my grandmother with feeding chicken, collecting their eggs,... and I'm willing to help even with horses and bigger livestock (I can easily learn many types of work - feeding, mucking out, milking,... just need quick training.)

He (Michal, 28)
I'm assembly technologist in optics company (clean room environment). I can work hard and solve problems independently.
I enjoy GARDEN WORK and repairing (as I'm very good in those types of work). I have knowledge about electricity (low-voltage - I'm not an electrician working with high-voltage cables, I can work with ELECTRONIC stuff, repair them and so). I help my grandparents around their house - mostly mowing grass, planting, weeding, cutting fire wood, painting the outside house walls, cleaning car... I often helped also with feeding chicken and collecting their eggs and as same as Veronika wrote above, I'm willing to do a lot of work with livestock (also need some training) and generally work with ANIMALS. I'm also a fisherman - and to be fisherman doesn't mean just fishing, but also taking care of river or lake (usually under supervision). So I'm able to do many things around the house and garden.
I'm happy around children - I have experience with CHILD CARE - with infants in the Infant/Children home also without supervision (walking with pram, feeding them, changing nappies and more). I'm part time tutor as Veronika is (maths and physics), so we both can help a lot with school duties. I would like to help Veronika with children if there are any to take care of as I'm more happy around them than she is (a bit strange, but that's truth).

DRIVING: We both hold clean driving licences (Czech). Although Veronika is the one true driver in this couple. Michal is not willing to drive (even if he is able to do). Veronika drives more than 5 years, long trips, night trips, she is also used to drive on highways. She spent a lot of time in Britain as a front seat passenger, so she is used to know the left-sided traffic. She in using now the automat transmission car, but she was trained and also used to first few years cars with manual transmission.

We both have a clean police record (for now we have Czech official police record documents issued in May 2014 in the Czech Republic).

LANGUAGES: Both of us can speak English very well, both spoken and written. We use English on regular basis in our current jobs. Veronika also has a working knowledge of Spanish and German (She learnt those languages many years - Sp. 4y, Ger. 10y, but without practising the knowledge doesn't stay on the same level obviously...)

We both can swim very well. We are NON SMOKERS and we want to work in non-smoking environment.

AVAIALABILITY: We are able to relocate at the beginning of December 2014. If it'll be very necessary, Veronika can come earlier - maybe one or two months before Michal. But he can't because of his job notice period.
We are not able to do interviews in person (because we are still in the Czech Rep.), but we can arrange a Skype interview, as we are used to do it.

The specific location is not important to us (just in a reasonable distance from London for Veronika's need of frequent visits of this city). And friendly surroundings are important.

We are looking forward to your response and will send you more info upon request and we are more than happy to receive more info about your requirements.

Yours faithfully Veronika and Michal 
Criminal Record: No  Police Check Available: Yes 
Visa And/Or Permit: Yes  Insurance: Yes 
Medical Certificate: Yes  Interested In A Placement As A Couple: No 
Attend Language Classes: No  Pay For The Lessons: No 
Will You Practice Your Religion: No  Will Consider Family Not From Host Country: No 
In The UK Now: No 
Countries Lived In: Czech Republic, United Kingdom 
Languages Spoken: English - good, German - fair, Spanish - fair; Czech - mother language 
Been An Au Pair/Nanny etc Before: Yes - I've been as an au pair in Scotland a few years ago (three children - B0, G2 and G4 - and three dogs in the household). 
Currently Employed: Yes - I'm a private maths tutor (since 2006) and a London guide (for Czech customers). I'm self-employed and I'm more than happy to continue in the UK on self-employed basis. 
Hobbies And Interests: cycling, swimming, ice-skating, touring, animals, movies, reading, maths 
Reasons For Becoming An Au Pair/Nanny etc: I work as a London guide and I need to improve my knowledge of this region. 
Do You Smoke: No  How Many Per Day:
Will Not Smoke In House Or In Front Of Children: Yes 
Prepared To Live With A Family Who Smoke: No 
Any Dietary Requirements: I like to prepare my own meal. 
Have Any Allergies: none  Any Physical Conditions:  
Regularly Take Medication: No 
Have Pets At Home: Yes  Pet Allergy Or Phobia: No 
Prepared to Care For Pets: Yes 
Driving Licence: Yes  Will Drive: Yes 
Period Licence Held: 7 years  Regularly Do You Drive: monthly
International Drive Permit: Yes  Regular Driver: Motorway, City or Town, Countryside 
Give Details Of Any Car Accidents:  
Duties You Are Prepared To Undertake: Cook, Clean, Iron, Laundry, Sew, Pets, Garden 
Prepared To Look After Child With Disabilities: No 
Father's Occupation: executive director - technical services 
Mother's Occupation: self-employed - dealer 
Brother's And Sister's Ages And Occupations: Robert 36 self-employed - dealer, Magda 27 interior designer, Radek 21 self-employed - dealer