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Au Pair ID Last Login Start Date Nationality Gender Smoker Driver
A30620 13/07/2014 13/07/2015 Spanish Female No No
A30619 12/07/2014 Immediately Spanish Male No No
A30613 11/07/2014 Immediately Not Selected No Yes
A29698 10/07/2014 Immediately Lithuanian Female Yes Yes
A30507 10/07/2014 Immediately Spanish Female No No
A30562 10/07/2014 15/10/2014 Czech Female No Yes
A30590 09/07/2014 Immediately Bulgarian Female No
A30605 09/07/2014 24/08/2014 Spanish Female Yes Yes
A28438 08/07/2014 Immediately Spanish Female No No
A29336 08/07/2014 Immediately Spanish Female No Yes

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Au Pair Photo
Member ID: A30620  Nationality: Spanish  
Looking For Position: Au Pair  Other Position:  
Live In Position: Yes  Live Out Position:  
Country: Not Selected  Town: Madrid 
Date of Birth: 10/1991 (Age 22) County: Madrid 
Height: 167  Weight: 57 
Status: Single  Religion:  
Last Login: 13/07/2014 Member Since: 13/07/2014
Preferred Start: 13/07/2015 Length Of Stay: 6 Months
Preferred Countries: United Kingdom  Preferred Location: City, Town, Countryside 
Child Ages Preferred: 2-5, 5-10  Child Experience: 2-5 
First Aid Certificate: No  Childcare Certificate: No 

Dear Family Letter
Hi! My name is Miriam, I love animals, chocolat, read, writing. I live in Madrid with my family, my mum, dad, grandfather and grandmother and my twin sister. My dog, hedgehog, turtle and two birds. I play videogames, and i love play outdoor, walk in the park, picnic, etc.

I love kids, I care children with one to six year old, plau, read, play outdoor, war and bring to school and other activities. To cooking, dinner, lunch. Clean rooms, and help homework.

I studying Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Course Nurse and Nutrition intervention in adult cancer patients. In my Secondary School Im Board President (Representative of students), and Winner of an honorable mention award at the Festival of Flowers for writing story.

I was a bit english, and i need family say slow and be patient. I need clas and I want class the english nex to your house. I was very little talk English, almost like an Indian, so I need a family to be patient and speak slowly, if it bothers you I'm sorry, maybe I'm not the most indicated.

I like go to event interesting, theater, film, fair, etc.
I guarantee not disturb, help small chores and everything.



If you doubt? No problem I answer and you never hesitate to ask;

What are your aims and objectives in life? My goals in life is to be a writer or dietary open my own office, also I consider a personal trainer would be pleased, I like to exercise and the outdoors.

How do you intend to impact positively in my son life? As will be positive for me to learn English too for you to learn Spanish, talking about my country if like to visit someday, as older sister attend his son accompany him, look after him and be his friend. The two learn different cultures.

Do you have any work at hand now that is going to disturb you in joining my family soon? Would start to work the summer in June 2015 end date would have to speak

What do you hope to gain from the job opportunity that you are applying for? Above all learn English, another culture and help a family being a big sister

How would you describe your personality? I am outgoing, formal, polite, clean and tidy. I'm not loud or annoying.

Which age-group of children do you have experience with? From one to six years

Are you willing to work longer hours than usual for a higher salary? Yes, there would be no problem in caring for nights out or do additional tasks

What is your Nationality? Spanish
How old are you? 22 years old
Have you ever traveled outside your home country before? Never
Have you much experience working with kids? I have experience with children of neighbors and friends
Do you smoke? No
Do you drink? No
Do you have brothers and sisters? Yes, my twin sister
Do you Drive? No
Do you mind doing light cooking? No, I love cooking
Can you help with shopping? Yes, no problem
Can you help with housework Yes, no problem


Best regards
Criminal Record: No  Police Check Available: No 
Visa And/Or Permit: Yes  Insurance: No 
Medical Certificate: Yes  Interested In A Placement As A Couple: Yes 
Attend Language Classes: Yes  Pay For The Lessons: Yes 
Will You Practice Your Religion: No  Will Consider Family Not From Host Country: Yes 
In The UK Now: No 
Countries Lived In:  
Languages Spoken: Littel english, and spanish 
Been An Au Pair/Nanny etc Before: No 
Currently Employed: Yes 
Hobbies And Interests:  
Reasons For Becoming An Au Pair/Nanny etc:  
Do You Smoke: No  How Many Per Day:
Will Not Smoke In House Or In Front Of Children:  
Prepared To Live With A Family Who Smoke: Yes 
Any Dietary Requirements: Nothing 
Have Any Allergies: Nothing  Any Physical Conditions:  
Regularly Take Medication: No 
Have Pets At Home: Yes  Pet Allergy Or Phobia: No 
Prepared to Care For Pets: Yes 
Driving Licence: No  Will Drive: No 
Period Licence Held:   Regularly Do You Drive:
International Drive Permit:   Regular Driver:  
Give Details Of Any Car Accidents:  
Duties You Are Prepared To Undertake: Cook, Clean, Iron, Pets, Garden 
Prepared To Look After Child With Disabilities: No 
Father's Occupation: Cleaner 
Mother's Occupation: Administrative 
Brother's And Sister's Ages And Occupations: Twin is woman gardener