Advanced Au Pair Search Help
Learn how to make the most of the Advanced Au Pair Search Facility.

Click Advanced Au Pair Search to open the Advanced Au Pair Search. This Help screen window can then be opened as a pop-up from the search page making it easy to refer to as you complete your search criteria. Simply press the 'Help' button to the top right of the Advanced Au Pair Search screen.

Please remember that many au pair forms are submitted with incomplete information, or the information is hidden in the Dear Family Letter. This information cannot then be searched easily.
The more criteria you define, the fewer matches will be returned. We suggest you experiment by searching for your most essential criteria first, and then being more specific if you find plenty of matches. If you leave a question blank, it will be ignored by the search, and therefore more results will be returned. Please call us on 07831 453499 for assistance.

Search results are presented in order of the time the au pair most recently accessed the site as a logged in user. The purpose of this is to ensure you see the most active, and therefore available, au pairs first. We suggest you use the 'Add to Favourites' feature to shortlist those au pairs in whom you are interested.

Nationality: complete the preferred nationality(ies) for your au pair. If you select more than one, all forms matching any of your criteria will be returned. If you leave blank, then all nationalities will be returned, including those where this specific question has not been answered.

Age Range: If you select more than one criteria, any au pairs matching any of your selected criteria will be returned.

Gender: Indicate your preference if you have one.

Preferred Destination: This should indicate the country(ies) in which the au pair will be living when staying with you.

Preferred Location: All records matching any of the boxes selected will be returned. If you select no boxes, then all records will be returned no matter whether this question has been answered by the au pair or not. If the au pair has not travelled before, they will often ask to come to a city, although a country location with good travel links may well work. You may try leaving this blank, and then qualify the au pair by talking to them.

Start Date: Click the little grids and enter your start date criteria.

Length of Stay: If you have a requirement then select here, or leave blank and negotiate with your short-listed au pairs. Au pairs may have to return to a college course, or may be more flexible, but this may not be indicated in the way they have answered this question.

Prepared to Drive: Indicate your preference if you have one. The au pair form gives some indication as to driving experience, but this should be carefully qualified; and remember that driving conditions elsewhere can vary dramatically from those in the UK. You may want to arrange for some lessons for your au pair upon arrival, to ensure that they are competent.

Preferred Ages of Children: Check multiple boxes as required. This will return au pairs who match any of your selections. If you leave blank, then no filter will be applied regarding the way this question has been answered by au pairs. Please note that just because an au pair has indicated a preference for a family with certain ages of children, this does not mean they have the relevant experience to be your au pair. You will need to check this with individual au pairs.

Other questions: We recommend that you use the other available questions carefully as they are often not completed by au pair members and/or require further qualification. We suggest you use these only to refine a search where you are getting lots of results returned.

Please note that all au pair responses should be further qualified in your initial communications with potential au pairs.

Click Advanced Au Pair Search to open the Advanced Au Pair Search.

You can use the following feature to search for specific information on our site. The results will include phrases and words in individual family and au pair records once they have been on the site for a while and indexed by the Google crawler.