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Testimonials and Survey Results


Family Testimonials

The following quotations are extracted from Family Membership survey responses and other unsolicited feedback received by Universal Au Pairs from July 2007 to the present time. Every family member is sent the email survey form 2 weeks after joining. The most recent responses are at the top. We would like to thank all those who take the time to complete the survey and to provide feedback so we can continue to improve the service we offer.

In response to 'What do we do well?': "Simple initial search platform" HW 13 August 2014

"Person I spoke to on the phone was super helpful when I needed advice :)" CT 07 August 2014

In response to 'What do we do well?': "Provide adequate information & very useful templates, I was assisted with uploading my photo which was great." EH 19 March 2014

In response to 'What do we do well?': "Good, so far. We are waiting for our au pair to arrive and see how she gets on with the kids." GM 19 December 2013

"Your website is really good. I have already recommended your service to other people> so well done! I am a satisfied customer." MA 15 November 2013

"We liked the type of information you gave, and particularly needed to know languages spoken as we are a bilingual family. The amount of guidance and information for families and for au-pairs is also really helpful." MR 02 February 2012

"Lots of info and lots of members" AA 05 November 2011

"I think it is ideal. I am very computer illiterate and even I could find my way around it easily!
"I found out everything I needed."
JK 03 October 2011

In response to 'What do we do well?': "Lots of fresh au pairs" NP 27 September 2011

"thank you very much for this website, it has worked really well for us and we are pleased to have found an excellent match for our family!" ND 26 September 2011

"easy site with useful info." ML 09 July 2011

In response to 'What do we do well?': "Everything, it is an excellent site" MO 04 February 2011

"I liked the fact that there were older ladies as we require a House keeper" MS 18 January 2011

"Easy to use site, love the way we can connect to the au pairs profile from the email." SS 17 January 2011

"I liked the web site. We have used a few different ones and this one is best. There is a good amount of information on the Au Pairs." DT 10 November 2010

"... I think you get out what you put in, You must search to find a suitable au pair and that takes a little time, But I joined 3 weeks ago and I have au pair starting tomorrow". "[You] supply a great service." SQ 08 November 2010

"It is a very good site and much better than others I have used! I think your website and service provided is great..." LS 04 November 2010

"Good information to legal background of what to expect from au pair, etc. Also detailed information about the au pair." SC 05 October 2010

"The information and the layout of the site is excellent" SS 05 July 2010

"Very user friendly website, the advance search facility allows you to enter all of your requirements so you only look at the au pairs that are suitable for your family. We have found 2 au pairs with your website very easily. Excellent website and very good value for money service. Well done!" SC 09 May 2010

"Overall, a good site, simple to use, with good information on au pairs." SM 10 January 2010

"Website is very good. [...] your customer service appears to be particularly good. I sent a text message late one evening in holiday season, seeking advice on au pair salary. I got a telephone response within the hour." MD 31 December 2009

"The web site is the best I could find to be honest, and I found searching very easy." LK 28 December 2009

"Very good information, great to speak to someone when I got stuck. I did find the information really useful and helpful and I did get replies from a few au pairs on your site." PD 03 December 2009

"Thank you for a great website!!!" NR 06 October 2009

"Comprehensive information, easy to use, plenty of choice" CC 29 September 2009

"[You] offer easy to read information, set out in orderly fashion." JH 29 August 2009

"Good value, easy to search and use, good range of information provided at a glance about au pairs." SB 27 August 2009

"Very good search. Like the "internal mail" system" PL 23 August 2009

"superb web site" PR 11 August 2009

"[...] I am quite happy and we are talking to a French girl from your website who we might take on as our au pair. I think we have had more good prospects with your website than the others we registered with." KM 14 July 2009

"I am writing to compliment you on your super website and very user friendly and efficient service. We registered 5 weeks ago and in this short time we received lots of applications from potential au pairs. We have now found a suitable match and are looking forward to her joining our family. Well done and keep up the good work!" SC 06 July 2009

"The website is very good and user friendly, with plenty of information." SC 07 June 2009

"The service at Universal Au Pairs was great." KL 01 June 2009

"good site for initial contact with aupairs" CF 14 May 2009

"you provide a wide selection of au pairs which is really beneficial for choice. Your fees are very reasonable. Your information [...] is very good and I particularly like the way that the au pair themselves writes about themselves and what they can offer. This information also helps with the selection process." FV 02 April 2009

"[You] provide details of au pairs very quickly. Thanks for helping us." MB 01 April 2009

"[The search facilities] are good already, especially compared to other sites." "Good all round." SJ 25 March 2009

"The price is reasonable. It was really great to be informed about possible fraudsters. The manager of the site was easy to contact and helped build my trust to pay online for your services" EG 18 March 2009

"very informative and I like how we get responses quite quickly from aupairs." CH 17 March 2009

"An excellent site." DW 02 March 2009

"What I appreciated from your website was a large range of candidates from different countries and the manner in which you dealt with queries about how to use your site." KL 01 March 2009

"The website is great and very easy to use. Straight to the point. No Jargons. [...]. Even though we've found a lovely au pair from universal au pairs, i still find myself browsing the website when am less busy. I have recommended the site to a friend [...]. Thanks for also alerting me about the potential au pair fraud." OA 26 February 2009

"I liked the fact you notified us of potential fraud au pairs, we were taken in by an au pair through a previous site who was a fraudster. " AU 04 February 2009

"the info provided is really very good " JD 03 February 2009

"We were very happy with the whole process" AP 03 February 2009

"You have a large index of applicants to choose from." MG 02 February 2009

"I was impressed that I was advised one of the girls I had contacted was potentially a fraud. Nice to know the site is monitored" LH 12 January 2009

"Good information on your Au Pairs" SV 30 December 2008

"Very comprehensive information, good search facilities, excellent email support" KG 12 December 2008

"Good format for communicating with the prospective au pairs, via your website instead of giving direct email addresses." JS 11 December 2008

"Actual number of au-pairs on the website is helpfully large." IA 24 November 2008

"Information on au pairs is comprehensive" MC 12 October 2008

"you are very quick and extremely professional" JE 03 October 2008

"The website information is the best I have seen. Your very prompt response to questions was excellent." JM 02 October 2008

"very informative, made the whole experience simple and straightforward." NW 26 September 2008

"Good site, good search facilities [...].Also not too expensive. [...] the site is the best I have used." VH 24 September 2008

"Fantastic amount of information which allows a very informed choice. In particular, the dear family letters were very helpful in revealing a bit about personality, expectations, level of english, etc. Thanks - we are very pleased with our au pair and will use your service again in the future." SB 23 September 2008

"I think everything on the web site is done very well and you receive all the information required." GE 23 September 2008

"very easy to register and look for au pair" NK 01 September 2008

"I found you better then some of the websites I have used in the past. I have found other websites have lots of girls listings but every one I contacted had already accepted jobs. It was very frustrating, I contacted at least 40 girls on another website last year and all had other jobs so I gave up. I just joined your site, wanting to try it and the first day I contacted 4 girls and immediately heard back and they were all available, so that was a very good result!" LC 17 August 2008

"good information, good well-thought out layout" PG 23 June 2008

"...the advice, search facilities and customer service were brilliant. I didnt get that from other sites I looked at." RM 22 June 2008

"I think this website is amazing. I visit thousands of websites for my work and have used literally hundreds of websites to buy products and services. Yours is one of the best and yet I think it is quite a complex thing matching up families with au pairs who speak sometimes so little English. You provide templates for letters and all the information you need to understand how both a family and an au pair should operate. I have found someone fantastic and I know my sister has found 2 au pairs through you. I will recommend you to everyone!" SS 06 June 2008

"great site, glad we found you." SJ 25 May 2008

"We were pleased to see that you particularly asked au pairs about their willingness to work with disabled children as this will help us to weed out the people who would find our child with special needs too much!" FR 22 May 2008

"There is a wealth of information I found particularly useful as someone looking for an au pair for the first time." MF 15 May 2008

"Telephone help was excellent, really first class. It was fast, responsive, answered my questions and made me feel like my concerns were important"
"Very good site. Hopefully are in the final stages of engaging someone through your site. Would definitely recommend you to others."
TG 09 May 2008

"You do provide a friendly web site easy to use for the family such as myself to look for an aupair quickly and efficiently." YG 27 April 2008

"Thus far this is the easiest site..I only stumbled across it accidentally." FP 22 April 2008

"well laid out and easy to follow" FP 22 April 2008

"I find the section where Au Pairs note their religion and that where they say if they intend to practice their religion very useful" JM 19 March 2008

"just providing a good level of au pairs available with a site that is reasonably priced." CL 16 March 2008

"The guidance notes are fantastic. Also have lots of good applicants to choose from." JL 07 March 2008

"easy 'to the point' information" AC 05 March 2008

"What I do like about your site is the quality of the information/advice that you can provide to families, eg au pair welcoming pack, timetable, etc, thats a great help." WH 20 February 2008


"The searching facilities are the best I have come across. You seem to have a high volume of au pairs available..." AP 14 February 2008

"The website is very professional and the follow up information is also good. The application forms are extensive and provide lots of information which is useful. Including the CVs and references is also a good idea." AR 14 February 2008

"Its pretty good! I have had aupairs for 15 years now, and could write a book! I was pleased to see that your templates are pretty much like what I had set up anyway, and I would recommend your site to any new to aupairing family" GD 06 February 2008

"Are simple in your first page of information, making it easy to sign up for both famlies and Aupairs." JD 18 January 2008

"Provide a broad range of experience of Au pairs " AB 15 January 2008

"It was useful that the contact had to be made via site. I was also sent a e-mail from the team, advising caution in terms of au-pairs requesting 'Air fare' for flights." SO 01 January 2008

"your website is very good and easy" FR 31 December 2007

"very kind because I was called when I first registed and had a problem." LC 20 December 2007

"Everything is good. I am happy." JF 18 December 2007

"your type of au pair service is definitely better and value for money." KR 07 December 2007

"information required by families.It shows you understand the nature of the business well." RB 09 October 2007

"Liked the proforma letters and suggestions of what to ask in interviews etc." SS 16 September 2007

"Detailed information about the aupairs. VERY important is the inclusion that the aupair will work for people not originally from the country of residence." PM 11 September 2007

"easy to contact and approach au pairs." SB 31 August 2007

"The guides and tips provided on interview forms, examples of letter writing, welcome pack, reference checks etc all came in very useful." JS 10 August 2007

"I think you must be the only online au pair [business] who provides so much information as far as whole procedure of finding a convenient au pair/family is concerned." AG 09 August 2007

"Good information provided" SF 30 July 2007

"you have a wide selection of aupairs" SD 27 July 2007

"Good information and easy to search." MD 27 July 2007

"Lots of hits for short term au pairs" AC 12 July 2007

"Clear information. Great down-loadable forms etc. I've had nightmare experiences with other au pair agencies. Your service was a dream, and our au pair is fantastic." SB 06 July 2007

"Helpful "after sales" service." AW 04 July 2007

"There is a lot of choice available." EE 04 July 2007

"The information on your site was up to date and appeared to be correct which is better than many I have seen. I had several approaches from au pairs as a result of posting our details which was encouraging." LP 15 July 2007

"You help families and au pairs identify the right candidates for them and get in contact." FP 11 July 2007

"Very easy to follow and understand . I love the site? we are still looking, but I will use your site again, best of luck." IT 11 July 2007

"I like all the information about what we should do, i.e. interview guidelines etc very useful." SB 11 July 2007

"I think at the moment (the site) is user friendly. Sourcing for all this information is an excellent job. Well done. It is a very helpful business and people oriented, it has the equal opportunity approach which to me means a lot as it caters for all the diverse cultures. You deliver what you have promised to deliver. What can I say? It is superb." MO?S 11 July 2007

"(You) provide an excellent service at a 'sensible and affordable' price. As a single parent I am not looking for an au pair as a 'status symbol' but rather 'need' someone I can rely on. Universal Au Pairs offered a wide range of potential Au Pairs for families in all walks of life and I appreciate this." AB 06 July 2007

"Good choice of au pairs with useful basic information to start process of selecting and contacting." PF July 2007

"The main view and summary allow you to see quickly the basic information." CN 05 July 2007

"Useful general information for families." PC 05 July 2007

"I think your search facility is the best I've used - your service is extremely easy to use." SE 04 July 2007

"(You) hold a good bank of potential au pairs." NC 04 July 2007

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Family Survey Results

The survey results are based on data from the family surveys carried out on an ongoing and continuous basis since July 2007. The data was last updated on 06 January 2015. We use these results to monitor our performance, and to help in identifying areas where we can improve our service.
Results are based on the percentage of respondents for the particular question.

QUESTION: Thinking of the Universal Au Pairs web site, how easy did you find the website to use?
74.91% said Easy or Very Easy, 20.60% said Average

QUESTION: Thinking of the Universal Au Pairs web site, what did you think of the information we provide?
86.89% said Good or Very Good

QUESTION: Thinking of the au pair details on the web site, what did you think of the information we provide about the au pairs?
86.36% said Good or Very Good

QUESTION: If the need arises, will you use Universal Au Pairs in the future and recommend us to family and friends?
93.58% said Definitely or Perhaps

QUESTION: How important is it to you to see a picture of a potential au pair on the web site?
90.15% said Quite or Very Important

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Au Pair Testimonials

The following quotations are extracted from survey responses received by Universal Au Pairs from July 2007 to the present time. The most recent responses are at the top. We would like to thank all those who take the time to complete the survey and to provide feedback so we can continue to improve the service we offer.

We asked au pairs What do we do well?, and the following are some of the answers?

"Information about families is really good - very detailed and helpful. "

"you have big selection of families and your site is easy to understand"

"It is a really good point that you obtain a lot of information about the families. "

"I am pleased with your service. I regularly recieve offers from families. I am glad that you also send a warning email about scam families. "

"I like the the way the families are presented and all the information about them is very useful. "

"very clear web site, pleasant to look at, a lot of choices.... All in all very positive.."

"It's very good that your agency is free for au-pairs."

"a lot of information about the families, easy to find a suitable family."

"easy to use!."

"Making find aupairs, easily.. and quick.. without problem.. The web sites are useful and well done."

"You interest yourselves in making sure everyone is happy with the service"

"Showing for free all the information of the potential families to the au pairs.."

"information about cheats (travel services !)."

"Well the site it s a good one...don t worry!."

"good info about families a lot families see this pages because I get at least 3 challenges very quickly!"

"I like a lot of information about potential families. I like to have immediately their email.."

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Au Pair Survey Results

The survey results are based on data from the au pair surveys carried out on an ongoing and continuous basis since July 2007. The data was last updated on 17 December 2013. We use these results to monitor our performance, and to help in identifying areas where we can improve our service.
Results are based on the percentage of respondents for the particular question.

QUESTION: How important is it to you to see a picture of a potential family on the web site?
86.75% said Quite or Very Important

QUESTION: If the need arises, will you use Universal Au Pairs in the future and recommend us to family and friends?
97.56% said Definitely or Perhaps

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