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Using the Site

Payment is made via the family member page. Au Pair membership is via the au pair member page. Payment is accepted by PayPal or credit or debit card. If the system rejects your payment, please confirm that all of the details have been entered correctly. Please ensure that you follow the process to the end. The most common reason we get for failed transactions is that the customer has closed the browser before fully completing the payment process. Once the payment process has been succesful you will receive an email from us confirming this within a few moments. If a problem persists, please contact us.
The credit card payment process prompts for 3D secure information. This is normally referred to as Fraud Prevention: Verified by Visa and/or MasterCard SecureCode. You will be prompted to enter a security password unique to your Internet transactions with this card (this is similar to the way in which the 4 digit PIN number works with with Chip & Pin transactions). You may take the opportunity during the payment process to register your card with this service if you have not already done so - this may be optional, but some card providers insist on this step being correctly completed. Please note that Universal Au Pairs uses an HSBC approved third party for the processing of transactions - Sage Pay. We never see your card details, thus ensuring your security. If you are setting up your card security information this is done remotely from Universal Au Pairs, and you will be able to select a password unconnected with Universal Au Pairs. If you have any questions or concerns relating to security, or difficulties in making a payment, please contact us.

Passwords are issued automatically once membership has been granted. The email containing confirmation of your username and your password will be sent to the email address on your membership form. The automated passwords are numeric for ease of use, so we recommend that you edit the password to something memorable and secure. Once logged in you will be able to edit your password and your membership form via the ?My Account? tab that will appear as the top right menu item.

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If the password does not arrive within 15 minutes of your membership commencing please check in your junk email box and spam filter both on your client (e.g. Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express), and also on your online email access. We have found that AOL, Hotmail, BT, and Yahoo members occasionally experience this problem. If you are unable or unsure as to how you check your spam and junk mail then contact us and we will be pleased to help.

If you have forgotten your log in details please go to Forgot Your Login?

The new password will supersede all previously issued passwords.

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If you are using Advanced Au Pair Search, and are unable to find enough close au pair matches try relaxing your search criteria. Many au pair membership forms are incomplete and will therefore be excluded from the returned search results based on your criteria. Often, you can also negotiate with the au pairs as to the start and end dates, and also the preferred location. Many au pair members put London as the preferred location as they are under the impression that it is where the UK begins and ends. We have many examples of au pairs happily accepting alternative locations to be with a family they like.
We also recommend that you read the section Advanced Au Pair Search Help.

You can upload pictures and other attachments with your membership form. Please remember that only the first attachment will be seen on the web site, so you will probably want to make this a general photograph showing a head and shoulders shot (au pair) or family group (family). Any other attachments you add will be seen by anyone to whom you send a link to your membership form. You may want to hold back some personal details such as driving licence or passport information until you are sure as to the identity of the recipient. Please ensure that attachments are saved as common files (e.g. JPG), that you use common roman characters with no accents (e.g. me1, me2, etc), and that there are no spaces in the filename. There is a size limit of 2MB per attachment and 8MB per form, so you may need to adjust the resolution, and therefore the size, of some files. Please contact us if you experience difficulties.

To edit your details or upload a photograph or attachments:
- Log in to the site
- Visit the 'My Account' tab that appears top right when logged in
- Go to 'Amend Your Details'
- Change your form as required
- Press the 'SAVE & ADD ATTACHMENTS' button at the bottom of the form
- Follow the prompts to add attachments

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Families and au pairs can control the information displayed on the site and published to au pairs/families in a number of ways.
1. You are free to enter as much or as little information as you like. However, the more you provide, the more positive interest you are likely to receive from au pairs or families. The first attachment you add to your membership form will appear on the site. We never publish your address, email address, or telephone numbers. You must 'Publish on Site' in order for au pairs or families to see your form and for au pairs or families to be able to reply and send you messages. The 'Publish on Site' switch is located towards the bottom of the membership form for families, and near the top for au pairs.
2. You can share your full form and attachments with potential au pairs or families by forwarding a copy of the link to your form as sent to you when you first become a member. This link is sent to you again every time you click the 'Submit' button at the bottom of your membership form, irrespective of any changes you may or may not have made to the form at that time. Families please note that the timetable that you complete on your profile is not published on the site, but is part of the profile sent to au pairs if you share the link to your full profile.
3. You are free to use the internal communication within Universal Au Pairs until both family and au pair are happy to exchange email and/or telephone details.
4. You are free to unsubscribe at any time.
5. Please note that the information that you publish on the site, including the first attachment, will be crawled by the search engine robots and may appear in search results where the Universal Au Pairs site, or the Internet, are searched. As we do not publish your name, address, or telephone number these will not be visible to the search engine crawlers, unless you have included them in other areas of the membership form or in the first attachment. We specifically ask you not to put personal information in these places in the terms and conditions, and also in the Dear Family Letter default text.
Please note that we have regular communications from former members telling us that their personal details appear in internet search results. This is always because our terms and conditions have not been complied with and personal data has been included in the Dear Family letter or in the first attachment. We cannot then remove this information from the search results, although it will disappear over time as the search engines refresh their results.

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Family & Au Pair Messages

There are three common reasons why a family may not be able to reply to an au pair message (or vice versa):

1. The family membership has expired;
2. The family is not logged in to Universal Au Pairs;
3. The au pair is no longer a member; either the membership has expired, or they have removed their details or unsubscribed because they are not currently looking for a family.

Please check that you are logged in, and that the au pair is current by searching for the reference number using the field in Advanced Au Pair Search. If the au pair membership form appears, the membership is current and published.

In summary:
1. Log in to the site using your username and password. When you are logged in the system will say ?Hi, Your Name? above the logout button. Please note that if you have used the ?Lost Password? feature, previous passwords are superseded.
2. If necessary visit ?My Account? and ?Amend Your Details? and ensure your membership form is up to date and that your details are ?published?. To Publish your details:
Log in to the site
Go to the 'My Account' tab
Go to 'Amend My Details'
Select 'Publish? Yes'. For au pairs this is near the top of the form, for families it is near the bottom.
Submit your form using the button at the bottom. You can reverse this process at any time.

3. Use the search facilities to find the au pair(s) you are interested in.
4. You will see 3 buttons just above and to the right of the au pair?s picture ? press ?CONTACT AU PAIR? Au pairs searching the families will see a button labelled 'CONTACT FAMILY'
5. You can now author and send a message, which will be sent to the au pair?s Universal Au Pairs account and also to their email address.
6. Please see Finding Good Matches for further information.

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To save to Favourites

You can add any au pair you want to favourites, either by sending them a message or adding them from the search results screen
When you subsequently carry out a search you can specify that you search favourites only.
Records selected for favourites have a green tick against them to the left of the reference number.
The add/remove to/from favourites buttons appear next to the Contact au pair and Notes buttons just above the picture on the results page.
The quickest way of seeing your favourites is to look at the radio buttons under the Advanced Search link on the search results screen. Click on the Yes button, and then press the Search Now button. Your favourites will be listed.

You can also use the adjacent feature to mark individual au pairs as 'not suitable' to help you coordinate the compilation of your shortlist.

To Remove Your Details

Families and au pairs - if you are no longer actively looking for a match we recommend and request that you temporarily remove your details from the site. This will assist other members in seeing who is still available, and will prevent you receiving unwanted communications from other members.
To temporarily hide your details (you will no longer receive au pair/family messages):
Log in to the site
Go to the 'My Account' tab
Go to 'Amend My Details'
Select 'Publish? No'. For au pairs this is near the top of the form, for families it is near the bottom.
Submit your form using the button at the bottom - your details will no longer be visible. You can reverse this process at any time.

To Unsubscribe and permanently remove your details:
Log in to the site
Go to the 'My Account' tab
Go to 'Unsubscribe' and follow the instructions. Your membership will be cancelled and your full details will be deleted within 24 hours. Please note that any messages you have sent will also be deleted, as will any messages sent to you, including the copies in the senders account. If you wish to rejoin you will be able to create a new membership at any time.

If your status is 'Live' or 'Expired' you will continue to receive our occasional email communications. You will also be able to use the Au Pair Friends Forum pages. To permanently stop all communication from us, please log in to the site and follow the above instructions to unsubscribe. Note that if you do this you will not be able to access the Au Pair Friends Forum pages.

If you have forgotten your log in details, please go to Forgot Your Login?

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To Stop Receivng Our Emails

We take your privacy very seriously. We never share or trade your personal details. We try to ensure that our communications are always of interest to you. If you no longer wish to receive our communications, please see the following. Please note that removing your details from one category will not automatically remove them from the others.

Current and Expired members of Universal Au Pairs - You will need to log in and unsubscribe and permanently remove your details. Please note that if you do this ALL of your details will be permanently deleted. You will no longer have access to the forum or other features available to logged in members. Please note that both members and expired members will receive occasional communications from us unless you unsubscribe and remove all of your details. This is so we can keep you informed of special offers, site changes, au pair availability, fraud alerts, etc.

Those receiving the Universal Au Pairs Family Newsletter - please send an email to This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it  with the word ?REMOVE? in the subject line. Please tell us the email address you would like removed if it is different to the one from which you are sending the email.

Those receiving communications as a part of the Cosmopolitan Au Pairs email list - please send an email to This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it  with the word ?REMOVE? in the subject line. Please tell us the email address you would like removed if it is different to the one from which you are sending the email.

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