Single Parent Families

Are You a Single Parent Looking for Childcare?

If you are a Single Parent looking for childcare you may be faced with many options, but have you ever considered an Au Pair as a possible solution?

Often cheaper than a nursery placement, or hiring a childminder, Au Pairs offer consistent childcare, affording you as a Single Parent the peace of mind in knowing that your children are being looked after by the same carer within your home environment.

Whether choosing a male or female, having an Au Pair can be fun and adds stimulus by introducing a new culture to your children's life.

Through speech and play and spending time with your children your Au Pair could also teach a second language and help with homework.


As well as being good company to have around the house, and someone for you to talk to, did you know that Au Pairs can also help with basic housework, preparing simple meals and ironing?

Imagine being able to have help with your household chores on a regular basis, as well as a having the luxury of an ?in house? babysitter, allowing you to go out at least twice a week!

If your child is at home sick or at home from school during the school holidays, you know that your Au pair could be on hand to help out avoiding you having to take additional time off work.

Having an Au Pair should be a wonderful experience for the whole family so why not find out more and see if this may be a solution for your childcare needs.

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