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Letter of Invitation

Suggested text for letter of invitation to au pair

Your address and contact telephone numbers, including mobile, should be at the top of the letter.

Today?s date

Dear (name)

We would like to welcome you as our au pair for (number) months from (date). We live in (town) in a (number of bedrooms) house and have (number) child(ren), age(s) (age).

You will stay with our family as our au pair and will have your own bedroom, (bathroom?) (etc). We will pay you ?(??) pocket money each week, and pay for your food and accommodation.


Your working hours will be as follows: (insert the working days and hours here), and your main duties will be (describe the required duties).

You will be entitled to x days holiday after you have been with us for y time. Your holiday pay will be ?z.

If you wish to leave this position you will give us x weeks notice, and if we wish you to leave before the planned date we will give you y weeks notice.

You will be free to study English at a suitable college, and we will help you to arrange this.

We look forward to collecting you from (airport/bus station/railway station) on (date) at (time), and helping you to experience life here in the UK.

With all best wishes for a safe journey.

Yours sincerely

Your signature(s)

Your name(s) printed

Au pairs requiring an accession worker card or travelling under an official au pair scheme and requiring a visa must abide by the relevant criteria laid down in relation to eligibility, length of stay, duties, working hours, and pocket money, etc. The letter will need to reflect these criteria where relevant.

Please note that all employees are entitled to receive a written statement from their employer within two months of starting work.

Please see: