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Au Pair Welcome Pack
Au Pair Timetable

It makes sense to explain what help you would like from the au pair and organise the schedule so that the au pair can enjoy time off, college studies, etc in the knowledge that the duties required have been completed.

Here is an example of an au pair welcome pack.

Welcome as our new au pair

We want to work together with you to ensure that you are happy with the duties you are carrying out, and that you are comfortable using and enjoying the facilities our home provides. If ever you are in doubt, please ask! You will find that we are reasonably well organised and try to keep things tidy as we go. We both work very hard and spend some time away from home during the day, and often work late into the evenings.

When we require help

The basic working hours are as follows:

Day Morning Afternoon Evening
Monday Free time 1.45 ? 6.00  
Tuesday Free time 2.45 ? 4.00  
Wednesday Free time 3.30 ? 6.00 Possible baby-sit up to 3 evenings
Thursday Free time 3.45 ? 6.00 per week to be arranged
Friday Free time 1.00 ? 6.00 and agreed in advance
Saturday Free time Free time  
Sunday Free time Free time  

Baby-sitting up to three nights a week to include either a Friday or Saturday evening.

Basic Duties

Your basic duties are to assist in the smooth running of the house and to help to care for Archie.

Specifically, we will require help from you in these areas:

Household Duties

  • Ironing ? probably around 40 minutes on a daily basis
  • Tidying Archie?s playroom and bedroom as required
  • Changing Archie?s bed sheets each Friday (more often if you notice this is required)
  • Sweep the kitchen floor, dining, and TV areas every day before you finish your duties
  • Vacuum the playroom and Archie?s bedroom as required, at least weekly
  • Assist in loading and emptying the dishwasher as required ? we will show you the best way to load it, and which items should be hand washed
  • Empty the kitchen bin when you notice it is full, and replace the bin liner
  • We will appreciate you helping us to clear, wash, dry, and put away when you have joined us for a meal
  • In your free time, evenings, and weekends you are welcome to eat with us. If you will not be joining us, please let us know in order that we do not prepare and then waste additional food
  • Please observe the instructions we have given you regarding closing and locking doors and windows, and setting the alarm if you are leaving the premises. Please let us know if you are going out in order that we know to set the alarm if the house will be empty. We will let you know of our whereabouts at all times
  • We will do all of the laundry. If you have specific requirements for particular garments please let us know

Childcare Duties

Au pair with pram
  • Keep Archie safe at all times
  • Always hold Archie?s hand when you are crossing the road or near any traffic including car parks
  • Help Archie to express himself through play
  • Keep Archie?s toys and books clean, neat, and tidy
  • Help prepare Archie?s school bag and uniform each day in readiness for the next day
  • Limit the amount of TV he watches by engaging him in alternative activities
  • Limit the amount of sweets and biscuits he eats
  • Archie drinks only milk or water. Please do not offer him juice or fizzy drinks
  • Please do not allow him to eat anything that contains nuts due to the risk of choking
  • Archie likes fruit, so please encourage him to eat it
  • Please bath Archie each evening and put him in his night nappy and pyjamas
  • Keep an eye on Archie?s wellbeing, particularly any soreness like nappy rash. If you notice anything of concern, please tell us immediately
  • Encourage Archie to learn to dress himself
  • Encourage Archie to carry out toilet and hygiene tasks unaided (e.g. going to the toilet, brushing his teeth, and washing himself)

Cooking Duties

Au Pair Cooking
  • Help with clearing away after meals, washing up and drying, and wiping the surfaces
  • Preparing Archie?s tea on school days
  • At the weekends you are free to eat with us, but it is fine if you prefer to be independent. Occasionally we entertain at weekends. You are free to join us or not as you prefer. We are happy for you to choose to join us for dinner but then not for the remainder of the evening, as you wish. Please do not feel obliged to spend a whole evening with us and our guests if the company is boring or you have friends you?d like to spend time with!
  • Feel free to cook for yourself if you are hungry. Please wash up and put away when you have finished
  • Let us know when provisions are low by noting on the list in the kitchen so we can replace them the next time we shop.

Bathroom Duties

  • The family bathroom will be shared by you with Archie and any guests we have to stay
  • Please keep the room clean and well ventilated by using the fan and leaving the door open when not in use. Open the window if the weather allows
  • Please hang all wet towels on the rail provided
  • Please pay special attention to ensure that nothing other than toilet paper goes down the toilet. Sanitary towels should be placed in a nappy sack and then in the bathroom bin, which should then be emptied in to the dustbin daily
  • Please wipe out and rinse the bath and basin after use

House Rules


There is to be no smoking in the house or grounds, and never in the presence of Archie, even when away from home. We will appreciate you using your best judgment in avoiding the company of people who smoke if you are out with Archie.


You may telephone home twice a week for 10 minutes. Please use the access code we gave you and let us know when you wish to use the telephone. We have provided you with a SIM card for your mobile and an amount of credit. Please keep this phone with you when you are out in case we need to get in touch with you urgently. The local shop provides top-ups when needed.


If you would like guests to visit, please ask us first. If you entertain friends in the house please make sure that things are tidied up afterwards, and that any guests have left by 11 pm unless arrangements have been made with us for them to stay overnight. Please act responsibly with our belongings and ensure that your guests do likewise. We are happy for you to entertain suitable friends when you are either on or off duty, and we shall attempt to introduce you to people locally so that you are able to make the most of your time here.

Pocket Money

Au Pair Pay

We shall pay you £70 per week pocket money in cash each Friday. If by mutual consent you do more hours, we will pay you more money.

Free Time

During your free time we will expect that you are self sufficient, although you are very welcome to join us for meals and in the evenings. We hope that you will join us regularly.

We have provided you with some information about the local area, and are happy to help you find out more about anything you are interested in knowing. When we go out you are free to come with us, and we will try to make time at weekends so that we can all go out together as a family and allow you to experience some of our country. If you do join us on a trip out we will expect a little help with Archie and will not expect you to ignore him just because you are not technically on duty. When you come with us you will be our guest and we will treat you to any meals or entry fees that are incurred as a part of our day together.


It is very important to us that you are happy during your stay here. We recommend that each Friday you sit down with us and discuss the coming week's events and timetable. This time will also allow for you to ask questions about anything with which you are unclear or unhappy, and we can also voice any concerns we may have and find a solution. Of course, if there is a problem you can talk to either of us at any time as it arises.

As you know we will help you find a suitable college course, and help you with the homework ? if we can!